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Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment & De-pigmentation

is generally done to treat periodontal disease or can also be done for cosmetic reasons. It can be surgical or non-surgical.

Surgical procedures includes:

  • Gum Contouring/ Gum Reshaping.
  • Gingivectomy-mostly done for pleasing aesthetics and in veneers and crown cases.
  • Gum De-pigmentation-it’s a cosmetic procedure which changes dark brown color of gums to a coral pink shade.
  • Flap Surgery for Pocket Reduction.
  • Bone grafts in Bone Surgery.
  • Soft Tissue Grafts.
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration.
  • Lasers.

Non-surgical procedures includes:

  • Root Planning.
  • Sub-Gingival Scaling.
  • Curettage.

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