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Tooth Filling (Restorations)

Dental restorations are commonly known as FILLING, done to remove the decayed tooth structure & to maintain its function, esthetic and occlusal stability.

Previously Amalgam (mercury) and Gold fillings were used but with recent advancements striving for more esthetic looks white colored fillings are more preferred. Composite Resin restoration are commonly done which are more Esthetic, Strong and require less removal of tooth structure.

Indications of composite restorations-

  • Anterior and posterior teeth decay.
  • Attrition and Abrasion (wear of teeth edge or surface)where enamel layer is lost.
  • Restoration in primary (milk) teeth.
  • Laminates & Core build-up.
  • Smile make-over in chipped off( fractured) or cracked front teeth.
  • Permanent filling in root canal procedure.
  • Cementation of Brackets and bands in orthodontic procedures.
  • Chair side (Direct) Veneers.

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