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Teeth Whitening Dubai: Get Your Brighter Smile

Smile expresses the Confidence, Cosmetic Dentistry has gained a lot of popularity across the globe and Teeth whitening is one of the instant and effective procedure. and if you are looking for a whiter smile to increase your confidence, here in Crossroads dental clinic we do advanced Teeth whitening also known as Dental Bleaching.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure to lighten your teeth shade for a brighter removes surface stains and discoloration from the teeth.

TEETH WHITENING are of two types:

1. IN-OFFICE WHITENING: In Crossroads DC, we use different advanced teeth whitening systems such as Zoom, Lumbrite, Flash which yield commendable results making teeth whiter with least discomfort & sensitivity. The procedure generally takes 30-45min, after the procedure patients are advised some dietary restriction which patients need to follow up to 48-78hrs for achieving the desired results. Patient may experience some sensitivity after procedure; dentist will apply some relief gel on the surface of teeth, and give sensitive toothpaste to use till the symptoms lasts.

LASER WHITENING: Lasers are the fastest whitening procedure for teeth whitening. Diode laser light is exposed after application of gels over the teeth; it takes very less time, safe and invasive.

2. HOME BLEACHING: Under the comfort of your home, patients can whiten their teeth themselves. Your upper and lower teeth impressions are taken and customized trays are made, in these trays you have to apply the whitening gel and wear the tray at night time for few days until desired results are achieved.


To maintain the whitening effect, one must avoid smoke, colored food stuffs and drinks. It is advisable to strictly follow your dentists’ post whitening instructions.

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