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In cases when you are in need of a dentist and your own dentist is unavailable we can visit an emergency dentist.

Tooth pain can be very painful and extremely worrying especially on weekend or a holiday or when you cannot get an appointment for a dentist. Its most concerning when your child who has a toothache and can’t sleep in the night. Several Dental Emergencies can arise.

Dental Decay if postponed for a long time and reaches nerve causes pain. If there is swelling around the tooth and it becomes large overnight, this can be life threatening as the swelling can easily spread to the other spaces. The dentist can relieve pain by releasing the pressure inside the tooth by access opening the tooth and starting pain relievers and antibiotics. The patient can then schedule an appointment with their dentist and complete the root canal treatment.

If you have a lost tooth you can replant the tooth within a short period of time. This can be done provided the tooth was placed in milk and the tooth wasn’t handled by the root.

Similarly a broken tooth or a lost filling can make the tooth sensitive to hot and cold foods. Tooth fractures can be repaired if small using fillings, veneers or permanent crowns. Today’s dentistry can even do 3D printed CAD CAM crowns that can be delivered in an hour.

Gum infections can also be handled. Other crown emergencies example fallen or broken crown or broken dentures, broken orthodontic brackets and other attachments.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt by 18-25yrs of age and does not most frequently erupt in normal position. It often causes pain and swelling in the region. Cleaning and debridement antibiotics can reduce the discomfort until its ready for extraction.

Other orthodontic emergencies can be broken fixed and removable retainers. For young children fallen space maintainers, etc. Treatment under conscious sedation using nitrous oxide can be done for anxious patients if required.

Dr Husna Vhora


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