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Orthodontics : Braces Dentist Solutions at Crossroads Dental Clinic

Braces are devices used by a Braces Dentist to align and straighten teeth, to correct bite to improve overall dental health.

Braces for children :

The ideal age for starting braces for children is between 8-14 years of age while the growth is still occurring. It is also recommended by a braces dentist because the permanent teeth start coming up and overcrowding and uneven bite may become apparent. Orthodontic consultation may be advised by 7 years of age to evaluate the need of functional and removable appliances.

Braces for adults :

There is no age limit for this treatment as long as your teeth and gums are strong.

Treatment duration :

There is no fixed duration for the treatment. Generally treatment duration may vary from 6 months to 2 years.

Types of braces :

There are different types of Braces-
Traditional- metal/ ceramic
Damon System- metal/ceramic
Lingual Braces
Clear/ Removable Aligners

Damon system of braces is better than traditional braces as it eliminates friction which is increased in the latter by elastics. They not only give a good expansion effect, shorter treatment times, fewer places for plaque accumulation, hence easier to clean. They only cost more than traditional but its advantages outweighs its cost factor.

Lingual braces is also a treatment option where braces are placed on the backside of tooth.

Clear aligners is also a treatment option where braces are placed on the backside of tooth.


After we remove braces we enter a retention phase to prevent relapse. It can take upto 2 years for teeth to stabilize completely after treatment. For retention we can give only removable retainer or a combination of fixed and removable retainer.

We provide braces dentist services by our specialized and experienced Dentists at Crossroads Dental Clinic in Dubai.

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