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Pulpitis : Reversible or Irreversible

Dental pulp is the portion of the tooth that has blood vessels and nerves in it. Pulp is the core of the tooth. Pulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp and is the most common reason for toothache.

When the dental pulp gets irritated, the body responds by sending extra blood and defense cells to the pulp leading to an increase in volume of pulp. But the pulp doesn’t have the opportunity to expand as its surrounded by hard tooth structures like dentine and enamel.This increase in the pulpal pressure will be felt as pain by the patient.

The pulpal inflammation also makes the teeth more sensitive. For example, breathing cold air through the mouth, drinking hot drinks or chewing food can cause pain.

Pulpitis can be broadly classified as two : Reversible and Irreversible

Reversible Pulpitis

The symptoms of reversible pulpitis can range from nothing at all to a sharp pain on stimulation of tooth.

For instance, if you eat an ice cream,the cold causes a sharp pain in the tooth and it quickly goes away when you swallow. The good news is that reversible pulpitis, like its name, is reversible and it can go away if the cause of it is eliminated.

The causes of reversible pulpitis can be attrition of the tooth that reaches the dentin or a fracture of the enamel layer of the tooth which can expose the dentin or dental caries which has entered into deep layers of dentine etc.

The tooth can be restored to normal function using advanced and step by step restorative treatment which can be completed at our Crossroads Dental Clinic.

Irreversible Pulpitis

Irreversible pulpitis is a severe inflammation of the dental pulp .It occurs when the stage of reversible pulpitis has proceeded to a level where the pulp can no longer recover .It commonly occurs in patients who have neglected their routine dental check ups. The symptoms of irreversible pulpitis can range from no symptoms at all (eg:necrosed pulp) to an excruciating sudden pain. The tooth can be very sensitive to the slightest temperature changes and this sensitivity lingers with the tooth for a longer time period. Unfortunately, once an individual has irreversible pulpitis, the only option is to have root canal therapy performed or to have the tooth extracted.

In our Crossroads Dental Clinic we have our team specialized in painless root canal treatments as well as uncomplicated extractions.

So make sure to have your teeth checked often as prevention is always better than cure.

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