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Post and Core : Things to know

A post and core is a type of dental restoration required when there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth tissue remaining to retain a conventional crown. In teeth which are severly damaged by caries or fracture, the clinician will recommend for an endodontic treatment followed by a clinical visit for post and core restoration. The decision of whether or not to place a post and what technique will be used to place it depend on the particular conditions of each case.

The post is a small rod, that is inserted into the root space of the tooth and protrudes from the root a couple of millimetres. In our Crossroads dental clinic translucent fiberglass posts are used. The core replaces missing tooth structure in preparation for making a new dental crown. Normally, a dental core can be directly built up from composite materials The core is then utilized to hold a dental crown in place. The crown can be a single unit crown or a retainer crown for a dental bridge.


The tooth must first be endodontically treated. After the endodontic procedure has been completed, and the root canal(s) is/are filled with the gutta percha root canal filling material, some gutta percha is removed from the canal space, usually by a series of endodontic files that prepares and shapes the root canal. The space that exists coronal to the remaining gutta percha, called the post space, is now available to place a post. It is desirable to leave sufficient root filling material in the apical area to maintain an apical seal. This procedure does not even require local anesthesia as the tooth has long been dead after the root canal treatment and no pain is felt.

Successful post and core dentistry considers quantity and quality of tooth structure as well as the presence of adjacent teeth, occlusion, parafunction, and the need for future restorations.

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