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Ice cream, sweets, hot tea, coffee instead of giving pleasure to your taste buds Are these giving you pain???

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity consult with your dentist. Do not ignore!!!!!

Tooth sensitivity could happen to anyone at any age group.

Factors which lead to sensitivity are………..

1) Hard brushing

2) Consumption of acidic beverages

3) Chipping or fracture of enamel

4) Gum disease

5) Carious tooth

6) Tooth grinding habit

Traumatic bite

Just relying on tooth paste for sensitivity issue might not work for your particular case. Your dentist is the right person to tell you why you are having this problem and how to manage for you.

The treatment protocol involves

1) Prevention:- It includes stopping any further damage to natural tooth structure

2) corrective phase:- involves rectification of the problem.

Treatment options are various and wide range of treatment options can be suggested depending on diagnosis.

Usually it includes:-

1) Changing the food habits

2) Protecting the tooth from grinding

3) Closing the opened dentinal tubules

4) Laser treatment

5) Fillings

Consult your dentist to get the best option for your tooth sensitivity.

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