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A Short Guide to Know About The Tooth Extraction Process

A Short Guide to Know About The Tooth Extraction Process

Due to several oral health issues, a tooth undergoes severe damage that it must be extracted on time to prevent further complications. In most cases, people try treating the decay and infection of the tooth with medicines and avoid tooth extraction, even if prescribed by the dentist. They do this due to the fear of the process.

 The fear is very true, but this does not mean you will increase the complication by delaying or ignoring the tooth extraction process. If you think a tooth is spoiling the other teeth on its side and damaging your oral structure, you should make an appointment with a tooth extraction clinic. The qualified dentists will safely extract the tooth and make it easy for you now and forever. You only have to follow all aftercare instructions to avoid complications.

Sometimes, people avoid the tooth extraction process because they lack information. They are not so aware of the process and feel that it’s too risky.

In this post, we have briefly explained the Tooth Extraction Process and role of the tooth extraction clinic.

When should you get your tooth extracted?

  • When the decay has reached deep into the tooth and has reached the gums
  • When infection from a tooth has spread in surrounding areas and destroyed a large portion
  • When teeth are overcrowded and no space is left for all the teeth in the mouth
  • When an extra tooth blocks the growth of other teeth
  • When milk tooth of infants do not fall on time to make space for permanent teeth
  • When getting braces and need extra space to create room for the teeth
  • When you get wisdom tooth or the third molars

The two tooth extraction processes

Simple extraction– As the name suggests, the simple extraction is easy and performed by general dentists in the tooth extraction clinic. The dentists can see the problem in the mouth and do not have to perform any in-depth examinations.  

Under simple extraction, the dentists numb the tooth and gum tissues before starting the extraction. And then they loosen the tooth using an elevator and finally, extract the tooth with dental forceps.  

Surgical Extraction- When the situation gets complicated and the process is not just about the elevator and dental forceps, the dentist at the tooth extraction clinic performs surgical extraction. The dentists should be highly-qualified and experienced to perform a surgical extraction.

The dentists prescribe surgical extraction when a tooth breaks at the gum line and a part of the tooth still remains inside the mouth. Under this condition, the dentists cut into the gum and extract the tooth.

Do’s and Don’ts to follow after tooth extraction 

The dentists will give you the list of instructions that you need to follow after the extraction to ensure easy and effective healing and reduce pain. The instructions include a few do’s and don’ts that we have enlisted here for your reference.


  • You should eat soft and healthy foods and snacks along with plenty of liquids. If not water, you can drink other forms of liquid as per your taste (Avoid soft driniks).
  • You should use a soft brush and move it gently on your teeth, avoiding the areas around the extraction. For a few days after tooth extraction, you should not use toothpaste as it may dislodge the blood clot.
  • You should keep in and around areas of tooth extraction clean. You should ensure that nothing gets in the extraction site for at least 12 hours after the process.


  • You should not use a straw when drinking water or other liquid as it may dislodge the blood clot.
  • You should not drink alcohol and hot liquids as both can increase swelling and may slow the healing process.
  • You should not smoke because it breaks down the blood clot and enhances the pain in the tooth socket.

We hope this small yet informative guide will be helpful and you will not avoid the tooth extraction process. Just remember, connect with an experienced and certified dentist from a tooth extraction clinic for a desired result.

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